Second Emirati Ship Docks in Haifa Port

2020-10-20 | Since 4 Month

The second UAE cargo arrived in Haifa port on Monday while the first Emirati passenger flight landed near Tel Aviv, one month after both countries agreed to normalize ties.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Transportation Minister Miri Regev toured the pier at Haifa port where the container ship from the UAE was anchored.

“We are on the deck of the ship that arrived from the UAE with very many containers,” Netanyahu said after finishing his tour.

“Everything that arrives here simply lowers the cost of living and every citizen of Israel will feel the impact of it.”

Addressing Israelis, Netanyahu said that now it has become possible to fly in all directions.

"It is now a land, sea, air, technological, commercial and human hub. It is indeed a historic day," the PM added.

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Regev, for her part, announced that Israel and UAE will sign a deal on Tuesday to allow 28 weekly commercial flights between Ben Gurion airport and Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The agreement also allows unlimited charter flights to a smaller Ramon airport in Israel's southernmost city of Eilat and 10 weekly cargo flights.

Also, Etihad Airways flight EY 9607 from Abu Dhabi landed early on Monday morning at Ben Gurion airport with only crew on board.

Tickets between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi have not yet been made available to the public, Israel’s foreign ministry said, but it affirmed that it is one of the main issues that will be discussed during meetings with the UAE Minister of Finance in Israel on Tuesday.

The plane displayed Israeli and UAE flags as it boarded through the airfield.

It is not the first time an Etihad plane lands in Ben Gurion as two cargo flights carrying coronavirus aid for Palestinians flew directly from the UAE to Israel earlier this year, before the two countries agreed to normalize diplomatic ties.

Meanwhile, an official delegation headed by the UAE Minister of Finance is set to arrive in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.

New agreements on cooperation, economic and commercial partnerships and reciprocal trips are scheduled to be signed during the visit.

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